Pop Up Dances


Intriguing and exhilarating dances pop up in unusual spaces throughout Granville Island. Celebrates dance in all its forms: traditional, classical, and popular, showcasing the energy and … [Read more...]

Winterruption 2015


 Image courtesy of Urban Mixer | Flickr.comArts....Music....Film....Food....On Granville Island. Feb 19-22/15Check out Giants, the largest outdoor mural ever created by Brazilian artists Osgemeos on … [Read more...]

Grouse Mtn Night Party


 Photo courtesy of Grouse Mtn   To celebrate the ever-lasting Olympic spirit, enjoy 24 consecutive hours of winter fun at the Peak of Vancouver!  Enjoy skiing, snowborarding, terrain … [Read more...]

Pet Sharing Service


 Photo credit: Kinjeng Submiter | Flickr  Part Time Pooch, a unique dog-sharing site started by West End resident Gavin Flett, connects dog owners with doggie hosts, for animal lovers who are … [Read more...]

Touque Tuesday


  Toques and socks are being sold by organizer Raising The Roof, for $10 each in support of long-term solutions to homelessness. 80% of net proceeds from sales will benefit the agencies in the … [Read more...]

Black History Month


Image from Through a Lens Darkly, screening at Vancity Theatre This is a month-long celebration of contributions to history and culture by citizens of African and Caribbean descent.Feb 1-28/15  … [Read more...]

The HTML500 Learn to Code Event


 In one day, you will have been taught how to code and have created your own landing page, networked with 100 developers, and perhaps, have landed a job with one of 50 amazing top tech companies … [Read more...]

PuSh Festival


 Photo: Chris Randle ( Time Machine )  PuSh presents 20 Main Stage shows spanning theatre, dance, music and multimedia performance.The PuSh Festival presents groundbreaking work in the live … [Read more...]

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival


Photo credit: Rick Chung | Flickr  At the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival this month, over two dozen of the best chocolatiers, pastry shops, bakeries, gelato and ice cream shops draw on … [Read more...]

Flight of the Dragon and Fly Over Canada


 Fly Over Canada is a flight simulation ride that uses a huge dome screen with the latest in projection and ride technology creating a true flying experience (complete with wind, scents, and … [Read more...]