Green Spaces in the Dunbar Neighbourhood

March in Vancouver, despite its sometimes grey weather, is a great month for exploring green spaces. Trees are sprouting leaves again, the birds are signing new songs, and daffodils and other spring flowers dot green spaces with color one again. March hikes celebrate the return of spring and the renewal of natural life.

There’s plenty of green spaces around our Vancouver bed and breakfast, and you can take advantage of your stay with us to see why Vancouver is among the greenest cities in the world.

Let’s start with the McCleery Golf Course. Open year-round, this golf course is the perfect remedy to those from Eastern provinces suffering from golf withdrawal. Owned and operated by the City of Vancouver, the McCleary golf course is affordable and easily accessible. It’s the perfect course to develop accuracy.

The famous University of British Columbia Pacific Spirit Park is a gigantic green space used by locals for hiking, biking and jogging. Trails cover the vast majority of the space and the land is almost untouched. About two blocks away from our B&B, the Endowment Lands are perfect for a lazy Sunday walk after brunch.

Valdez Park is a small but beautiful green space where locals bring their dogs for walks or simply come to take in some sunshine.

If you like forested areas but are daunted by the size of the Spirit Park, the Musqueam Park may be for you. You can walk on the quiet trails crisscrossing the park, or sit in on a soccer game at one of the soccer fields. You may even meet people on horseback!

If you enjoy seeing nature awaken during March, the Dunbar neighbourhood has plenty of green spaces to fulfill your need for green!