Grouse Mtn Night Party


grouse-night1Photo courtesy of Grouse Mtn 



To celebrate the ever-lasting Olympic spirit, enjoy 24 consecutive hours of winter fun at the Peak of Vancouver!  Enjoy skiing, snowborarding, terrain park, mountain top ice shating, snowshoeing, zipling, theatre in the park.

Special activities include scavenger hunt, torch parade, hockey tournament.

Dance the night away under starry skies as DJs spin your favourite tracks late into the night or ski down The Cut while taking in the spectacular Vancouver sunrise. There will also be countless family-friendly activities to everyone entertained.

If you’re planning on lasting the whole 24 hours up Grouse Mountain, you’ve got to be ready to keep yourself awake. But, with the fresh mountain air and a cup of warm coffee in your hands, you should be able to hit all of the activities. 

 Feb 7-8/15