Top 5 Summer Activities For Vancouver Locals

Vancouver patio

Photo by Flickr user Ruth Hartnup

It’s nice to be a tourist and visit a city for the first time, but sometimes the best way to experience a new place is to do what the locals do. Because local Vancouverites can be a bit tourist-shy in the summer, it can be hard to figure out where they go and what they do. But fear not, we have the inside scoop on Vancouver’s favourite summer activities!

1. Biking the Seawall

When they’re not commuting to or from work, Vancouverites like to ride their bikes along the Seawall, especially on the south side of False Creek, where fewer tourists go. There are plenty of bike rental spots along the way, so take a leisurely ride along one of Vancouver’s most scenic bike route.

 2. Going to the beach

There’s not a lot of swimming going on in Vancouver beaches because of the cold Straight of Georgia waters, but Vancouverites definitely enjoy bringing a picnic, maybe a game of volleyball and even a guitar at one of the many beaches in the city. Kitsilano is a favourite, but there are also plenty of locals who hang at Sunset Beach and English Bay Beach. As long as you’re chill, you’ll fit right in!

3. Kayaking at Deer Lake Park

Next door to Vancouver, in Burnaby, you’ll find scenic Deer Lake Park, Burnaby’s cultural centre. Local kayak enthusiasts bring their boat here for a quiet, easy ride on a sunny afternoon. There are fewer tourists than in False Creek, and there’s plenty to do close by (including shopping) if you get tired of paddling.

4. Having a drink on a patio 

Now here’s something tourists and locals can agree on: having a late-night drink on a patio overlooking the water. However, choosing the spot can be challenging with so many waterfront restaurants to choose from. Local blogger Marc Smith has been scouring the city for the 30 best patios, so you can start your research there!

5. Enjoying an outdoors concert

Summer offers plenty of possibilities for outdoors entertainment. Plenty of popular bands play in the different Vancouver outdoors stages like Malkin Bowl (Stanley Park), the PNE, downtown at the CBC offices and many other places. Malkin Bowl has the most prestigious shows, but there are plenty of local bands to discover and enjoy.