Why Stay in the Dunbar Neighborhood When Visiting Vancouver?

House on Dunbar, Kitsilano, Vancouver


When planning a visit to Vancouver one would probably think first of finding accommodations in the heart of the downtown area. Vancouver is a beautiful city and plenty of the downtown areas are gorgeous in their scenery, not to mention the convenience of the very center of the thick of things.

Yet there are good reasons to choose a less central point to make ‘home base’ while being a tourist in Vancouver. There are different types of travelers seeking different kinds of experiences. There are those who want to be right in the urban pulse, then there are those who prefer the less-beaten path or to experience a taste of local living. There are visitors to Vancouver who often dream of living in Vancouver, for them it might be a singular pleasure to experience the more relaxed pace of West Coast living in a way that could be easily missed in the go-go-go pace of the downtown atmosphere. Much of what makes Vancouver spectacularly lovely in addition to the glorious mountains and oceans that abound around the city is the lush greenery that lends itself to the fact that city of Vancouver is located in a rainforest climate. There is something unequivocally wonderful about waking up for a stroll through a neighborhood that is bursting with green and blissful quiet, save for the harmonious sounds of birds and a friendly neighborhood of people going about their days.

Here are some snippets about staying in the neighborhood from our TripAdvisor reviews:

“The location… is very central, walking distance to many places and only relatively short distances by bus or taxi to others. I had a car during my stay and parking on the street was never a problem. I would happily stay at this wonderful place again.” – NDS_from_Oz

 “Very quiet, great for transport and close to outdoor walks in pacific spirit park.” – Tim1890

 “It was just a short walk to the bus into Vancouver city centre” – moppit-05

 The Dunbar neighborhood is only a 20-minute drive away from downtown and it’s quite central to a great number of exciting tourist attractions, yet it’s far enough away to allow for a more relaxing urban vacation experience. You can find parking, there is little crime or much of anything to worry about at all! The main reason people visiting Vancouver choose to stay in the Dunbar, Vancouver neighborhood is that it’s close to downtown and the major attractions yet just far away enough to allow for a much more relaxed West Coast vacation experience.